Splinter free blades? Only Jiggi!

Splinter free blade

Splinter free blades? Only Jiggi!

When we started producing Jiggi Blades in 1985 we had only 1 goal, making the best cutting & save to use blade in the business.

Best cutting blades is something we take very seriously as most of end-users are having difficulties cutting their cling film in the exact length that they need.

But with our special design technique, this problem is no longer existing (in the past). All of our blades have de distinctive 3D design that cannot be seen with your eyes, but put in under a microscope and you will see it yourself! This also helps with minimizing use of cling film, ensuring you will have more wrapping from the same roll of clingfilm and less leftovers to throw away.

This 3D design ensures our end-users the best cutting of clingfilm, alu-foil and baking paper! No problems with cutting, try it yourself!

When we started there where a lot of metal blades on the market. These blades could injure the end-user as they were very sharp.

Our safe Jiggi cutting blades are mostly from plastic & paper, this taking away the problem that the end-users can injure themselves with our blades.

Over the past 35 years we’ve been delivering the same constant quality blades to our clients.

As we produce the blades our self, we can guarantee that our quality will stay the same in the many years to come and splinter and adhesive free!

Nowadays we see more and more blades on the market with plastic splinters, when you encounter one be sure not to use them! Use our splinter free blades from Jiggi

When cutting the clingfilm these splinters will losen itself , adhere to film/foil and fall in your food!

Humans do not process plastics and ingesting plastics may cause a health hazard to the person using it.

So if you’re fond of your & your families health, use only the products that have a guarantee on their quality like our Jiggi Cutting Blade.

See your local supermarket to experience our quality!