Toppits curved blades

In 2015 we started together with COFRESCO Frischhaltefolie GmbH to create a new type of cutting blade for their clingfilm and their alu films cartons boxes . The “Toppits easy cut” curved blades.

After extensive testing, the best shape was a curved blade. But then we also needed a new type of machine that is able to put any shape of cutting blade on a flat folding carton. Our partner company Lamers Productions BV was able to design the curved blade that can be produced.

But we wanted to keep the same high quality as we have with our standard straight blades. Meaning: no glue on the teeth and keep the 3D teeth to have high quality during cutting the cling/alu film or bakingpaper.

And they manufactured a revolutionary machine that was able to do this job at high speed. They also designed and built a new production machine that is able to produce any type of curved & straight blades. In 2016 we introduced this unique curve shaped cutting blade for the first time in Europe. And the consumers are very pleased with this new shape of blade.

At present we are developing an even faster machine to apply the blades on the cartons.